Thursday, 20 November 2014

Here is my first ever blog. My aim is that my thoughts and experiences will nudge,create,propel, motivate, or stir new creative ways of thinking. Key to sharing ones  inner workings  is the desire to communicate and connect with a community,to generate a flow of  ideas,  and find the humour in the every day 'stuff'.
Along side all of that I want to share my observations of the world,which I find both frustrating and perplexing . I guess this could be considered moaning without some deeper reflection,weighing up our complex human condition. The world is also a great mirror to our own 'issues' , our patterns of thinking that limit us. By noticing we can decide whether we want to stay there or break free. There's a song about that ! Hope you find this thought provoking.

So here goes folks.As a single parent with a child on the autistic spectrum I appreciate the challenges they face and how much energy is taken up with addressing the difficulties. Its easy to feel at fault  with  friends,family and school disagreeing or criticising our approaches. Quite honestly it can be a lonely old business taking years to find support and acknowledgment from professionals and loved ones. Like anything that interrupts our view of the world it can be hard to swallow,denial can assume a place. But actually facing the truth is far less frightening than the thought of it.  Coming  to terms with difference brings with it a sense of loss and grief but the possibility of positive change,growth and empowerment.
So much focus on the wellbeing of our children and we can forget our own. Isn't it apt to remember the importance of putting on our own breathing apparatus first so we can best see to our child, in the case of an inflight crisis. We mums are not being selfish in taking care of our own physical,mental and emotional health,as perhaps society would judge,but it is absolutely essential to our kids wellbeing. From my own experience , ignoring my needs led only to overwhelm with a slow journey back to mental healthiness. How narrow the line is between stress and breakdown and I believe some of us walk a tight rope,not thinking it may happen to us.
We need each other to support and nurture new ways of being that encourage mindfulness, self love, and build resilience.