Thursday, 25 February 2016

The joy of stopping

And so here we are again !  Time flies as they say whoever they are.  It's recently occurred to me how quickly time flashes by, when days,weeks and months seem to roll away leaving a fleeting memory behind and a hankering after what was.
These days with life moving so fast I can see how distracted we've become trying to fit ten things into one hour,squeezing every second to get things done so we can enjoy the future! Hang on ! What about this very minute what happened to that?  I've noticed that tredmil feeling rushing from a to b and then scratching my head later wondering what the hell happened today.
The point is, I thought yesterday as I realed through a list of stuff to do, put your mental breaks on and stop,get a cuppa, speak to someone and basically be here right now!  I sat in Coffee 1 feeling the sun on my face, over heard a conversation from the table next  to me where they were talking about religious stuff and I felt time slow right down. Even then my mind wanted to keep busy,thinking about how much longer I had before the ticket ran out in my car.  I managed to eek out every second of that 10 minutes,noticing my senses,people's faces, the cars in the road,the tea in my cup, and the temperature of my over heated body.
So what's the point?  When I decided to stop time slowed down, the quality of the day increased, i relaxed, I noticed what was good about me and the world!

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